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If you are attempting to deal with an allergic concern we are usually able to fit the bill. If you are dealing with issues regarding the coat or weight management we are able to offer Nature’s Select for your pet.

We only use quality, refrigerated US meats.

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Proudly made in the great state of Texas

Reduce the Incidence of Cancer

Dry Food

Are meat by products good for dogs? What are meat by products in dog food?

Is holistic food good for dogs?

We never use by-products and our only imported ingredient is New Zealand Lamb. All meats are of human quality and refrigerated prior to production, therefore, have low peroxide levels. Our High Protein recipe is 5-star rated for the care of your puppy or active or working dog.

All Nature’s Select foods exclude animal by products, however, it is conceivable that by products can offer valid nutrition. They are typically the smooth muscle portions of an animal such as intestines, as well as tendons, ligaments, and other less desirable portions. These portions may actually include beneficial nutrition, but we choose to exclude them from Nature's Select.

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Our foods also include a proprietary selenium yeast to help reduce the incidence and progression of cancer. We use fresh meat, we do not use decomposing meat that can appear in other pet food brands.


Cat Care

Our holistic formulas are designed for the entire nutritional need of your dogs. We have 9 different recipes, for all life stages and breeds. One of our latest additions is the grain free line, with a fish based, beef based, or chicken based grain free food. All grain free ingredients are U.S. sourced.

Is chicken or beef better for dogs?

Nature’s Select Pet Food is an all-natural pet food company that serves thousands of pet lovers across Northern Colorado, including, but not limited to; Denver, Boulder, Lafayette, Louisville, Longmont, Loveland, Greeley and Fort Collins.

Nature's Select offers a single fish and chicken based formula meeting the whole needs of your cat, from kitten to senior. We believe, contrary to many of the foods offered in the marketplace, that a single proper diet results in: 

  • proper weight
  • few hairballs
  • better eye health
  • low incidence of cancer
  • and low incidence of feline diabetes

"When I started feeding my cat this food, he no longer leaves these owl pellets all over the house (cough, cough, YAACK), he sheds less, and he used to only relate to me- now he is everyone’s friend. He is far more docile too."

Our feline food is the best value in our product line. You get a 15lb bag of fresh quality food which is enough supply for 4 to 5 months for a single cat- all for only a little over $30.


It depends on the dog. Our experience indicates that if an animal is showing allergic symptoms chicken is often the offending protein source. However, most animals are able to tolerate it and it is an excellent source of protein. It is abundant and cost effective. It has many benefits such as glucosamine, which naturally occurs as a component. Chicken is almost always just fine to offer your dog. If not, we offer several other viable and tasty options.

All Nature’s Select foods exclude animal by products.

Canned Food

Holistic food is preferred because it takes care of the whole dog, it’s complete nutrition. We have a nutritionist on staff that is highly regarded, and our foods are formulated for the most recently discovered canine requirements. Our foods continue to evolve and improve. After reformulation in 2013, our ingredient statement allowed flexibility for improvement.  New for 2019, another product-line wide reformulation will keep Nature's Select on the cutting edge of nutritional needs. The marketplace of pet foods has come a long way since 1949 when dry dog food was first offered.  However, many foods continue to offer a mixture of ground corn and gravy, meat and bone meals, and "non-specific" animal fats. Yuck!  The resultant foods may contribute to myriad health concerns- excess weight, high blood sugar levels, arthritic joints, fatty tumors, cloudy eyes, poor digestive and dental health and even cancer.

Nature's Select Dog Food

"'s the best stuff available, period. I love it and recommend it to fellow breeders locally, on Facebook or whenever someone asks what I feed." A.T., Denver, CO

"My dogs are from the same litter as my brother and sister in law.  Their dogs look better than mine so I want to get some (Nature's Select) too." G.L., Erie, CO

"...all the blood work looks good (noticeable double take) - really good, actually...." veterinarian in Longmont during recent exam of 14 year old feline, 2018


Nature's Select Dog Food


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Freeze Dried & Treats

What is a healthy dog food?

What dog food has no by products?

You can order Nature’s Select Pet Food online, over the phone, by email, by text, or by enrolling in our Nature’s Select Auto-ship program.

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Blueberry Cookies

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Are allergies a concern for your dog? Not anymore with Nature's Select.

Not all meals are created equal. In the case of Nature’s Select, we only use refrigerated U.S. and New Zealand sourced meats. It’s the same quality as you would buy in the store for yourself. It is taken off the bone, cooked, and ground into a meat meal. The only way to achieve the high protein levels in pet feed is to use a concentrated protein source such as a meal. Whole chicken, for example, has too high of water content to achieve these results.
You can test this for yourself. Please read the analysis on a canned dog food. You will see the protein level will rarely exceed 10% due to high water content.  Nature's Select dry food protein levels vary from 22 to 32%, depending on the goal and purpose of each formulation.

There are a lot of good foods on the market and better choices being offered every year. Nature’s Select stays on the cutting edge of proper nutrition. When new information becomes available to canine nutrition it is promptly incorporated into Nature’s Select foods. A good dog food will have a good balance of protein and fat to offer energy and a healthy proper weight. The ratio of protein to fat can vary based upon breed, age, and activity level. Nature’s Select offers a variety of canine foods to meet these needs. Nature’s Select will also offer, as with human food, a proper mix of vitamins and minerals to maintain the animal. All Nature’s Select foods include a proprietary mix of herbs and vegetables for the proper lifelong care of your companion.

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Joint Care

Nature's Select Dog Food

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We are proud to say that our Nature’s Select Products are made right here in the USA of US-sourced ingredients. 


Where we source, food safety, freshness and quality.


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Our foods have always been free of corn, wheat and soy.

Three of our foods have enhanced glucosamine, and chondroitin appears in two of our grain free foods, all an aid to enhance joint health. Our senior formula offers glucosamine for joint care as well. Two of our grain free foods, Coastline Catch and Farm Fresh, offer glucosamine AND chondroitin, along with enhanced protein and fat levels for boundless energy.

Chosen by Service Dogs

Is chicken meal bad for dogs? Is meat meal good for dogs?

What is being said about Nature's Select- quotes from right here in Northern Colorado!

Nature’s Select offers a proprietary mix of herbs, vitamins and chelated minerals, with a goal of proper weight, less food consumption, clear eyes, clean teeth, good joint health and low incidence of diabetes, cancer and other diseases, as well as low shedding, less backyard waste and low odor.  In other words, maintaining your clean home is easier.

Turkey & Sweet Potato Cookies

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No two dogs are the same, regardless of their breed. What might work for your neighbor’s golden retriever might not work for yours- that’s where we come in! 

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What is the best natural dog food?

We are proud partners with respected service dog organizations across America. Discover why they trust us for healthy nutrition and personalized service.

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Another recent addition to the Nature’s Select pet food line are 3 flavors of canned canine foods.  We also offer Healthy Instinct cat food,  premium quality for only a little over a dollar per 6oz. can. Nature’s Select is now offering superior ingredients at a lower price than our competitors. This is a bargain compared to 3.3 oz cans at nominally 80 cents each with questionable ingredients.